LEXINGTON, Ky. (FOX 56) — All of Lexington’s public pools have opened for the season except one and that has some community members feeling frustrated and left behind.

The city’s parks department plans to have Douglass pool open Tuesday.

“It should be better facilities here. We still are sharing the same situations that we had when I was a child,” lifeguard Nietta Gerton said.


Gerton said the pool should open as soon as school is out like every other public pool in the city.

“But share the same tax dollars, textiles and I just don’t understand when those other pools break down all day, the hurry up and fix them up,” Gerton said.

The mayor’s budget includes $2.1 million to replace the pool in Douglass Park.

“The condition of Douglas pool is at the end of its life, and we’ve been very open and honest with the neighborhood about it. And that’s what has made the mayor’s administration working in conjunction with our council members to commit to building a new pool here in Douglas Park,” Commissioner of General Services Chris Ford said.

Ford who works for the city said they understand the frustrations. But residents said it’s more than just about opening the pool for recreation; they want it to be used for education.

“Because it is water safety, African Americans have a higher risk of death in the water because of lack of education. So, I’ve brought it upon myself to teach those classes,” Gerton said.

“We wish we were financially able to do it sooner, but we’re definitely excited that we’re here now on the verge of bringing a much-needed amenity,” Ford said.

The people in the west end said they have been left high and dry to many times. The city of Lexington promises things will be much better when the pool is replaced next year.