JESSAMINE COUNTY, Ky. (FOX 56) — We’ve all heard the phrase “attention hog”, and a certain one has taken the spotlight in Jessamine County.

Piglicious the Pig has become quite the celebrity. The hog has built a reputation for dashing from place to place. No one seems to know where he came from. He was last caught by resident Beau Spicer, receiving a lot of love and care.


“Just out of the blue, he shows up. We have one of these Facebook pages with all the neighbors down through here. He just ended up in somebody’s yard,” Spicer said.

That didn’t last long, thanks to Piglicious’s appetite for adventure. You’ve heard the phrase ‘when pigs fly’, and it just might be true for this hog.

“They woke up the next morning—no pig. He did end up on the other side of the county that day. How he got from A to B, no clue. The pig has wings; we swear by it,” Spicer said.

The community took this chance to make memes of the swift swine as he became an overnight sensation.

“Everybody is talking about him, looking for updates on the pig. Everyone is posting pictures when they see him. We finally got him cornered. I don’t think that barn could hold the pig; I’m pretty sure he could go through a brick wall,” Spicer said.

As far as what’s next for our favorite hog, he’ll head to a bigger barn where he’ll have plenty of space if he doesn’t make a run for it again. If he does, just know he’s just having fun.

“He’ll just be a farm pig until he gets the notion that he wants to go roaming. I guess the big thing is if you’re in southern Jessamine County and see a pig walking down the road. It’s Piglicious. He could have walked here, swam here, got dropped off. It could have been aliens; who knows?” Spicer said.