KENTUCKY (FOX 56) — Just beneath the surface of unsuspecting Kentucky communities lie a number of strange tales and unusual experiences just waiting to be uncovered.

To kick off the spooky season, Kentucky Tourism launched their paranormal travel guide, “Kentucky After Dark.”

Out of the 12 featured destinations, here are the three tales of haunts and haints you can experience in central Kentucky this October.

White Hall, Richmond

White Hall was once the home of Cassius M. Clay, an emancipationist dating back to 1798. The story is that Clay’s spirit remains in the historic home today with his wife and son. Witnesses have claimed to see “little hauntings,” such as ghostly candle lights, mysterious noises, and even strange smells.

On Halloween night only, patrons can experience the Ghost Stories and Scandals Tour of White Hall. There are four different time slots, and tickets are available here.

Anderson Hotel, Lawrenceburg

Anderson County puts the ‘Lore’ in Lawrenceburg. Not only are they the bigfoot-sighting hot spot of Kentucky, but the Anderson Hotel has been featured on multiple ghost hunter and paranormal television shows like Paranormal Lockdown.

In 2016, the show’s investigators, Nick Groff and Katrina Weidman spent 72 hours at the hotel, concluding that when it came to the supernatural, the Anderson Hotel had negative energy to spare, and again on the podcast The Grave Talks. The podcast documented reports from paranormal investigators claiming to have seen bloodstains in the bathtubs, experienced bite marks from invisible teeth, and witnessed numerous apparitions gliding through the Anderson Hotel’s rooms.

They even run an annual haunted house and paranormal tours at the hotel that’s reported to be so terrifying that people don’t make it out of the lobby. Tickets are available here.


Dead Man’s Hollow, Georgetown

Dead Man’s Hollow was the site of killings, banditry, and horrific tales throughout the earliest history of Scott County. News of strange happenings in Dead Man’s Hollow reached as far as Alexandria, Virginia, in 1897. These tall tales were published in the Alexandria Gazette, detailing a number of crimes, murders, and supernatural sightings that surrounded the windy highway.

If you follow along U.S. Highway 25 from Georgetown until you cross over the Mile Run waterway, you’ll find yourself in “fated Dead Man’s Hollow.” It was along this highway that a young couple was allegedly overtaken by bandits and dumped in a limestone cave. It’s said that the haunting sounds of “a young love brutally cut short” can still be heard from the cave to this day.

“This is just a taste of the area’s bloody history; turning a small stretch of Kentucky Highway into a breeding ground for spurnful spirits, creatures of the night and mischievous hobgoblins. Perhaps you’ll see them for yourself, just know that they always see you,” Georgetown Tourism said.

Their only piece of advice is to not exit your vehicle for any spirits of the night.

If you’re too scared to keep track, the Kentucky After Dark Passport Program has your back. This travel guide is available at all 12 destination tourism offices. Each section has all of the information you need about your destination and stamps to prove you faced your fears.