LEXINGTON, Ky. (FOX 56) – According to AAA, at the beginning of July, the average price for a gallon of gas in the United States was $4.84. In Kentucky, it was $4.55 and in Lexington, it was just above the state average at $4.63.

Fast forward to this weekend, the U.S. average is now below $4 and here in the Commonwealth, it is near $3.50 at $3.56.

One reason for the drop is the changes people have made going about their daily lives.

“People are changing the way they drive on a daily basis,” said Lori Weaver Hawkins, Public Affairs Manager for AAA Bluegrass. “Maybe they are not running as many separate errands, trying to get everything done in one trip sort of thing. Some people may be carpooling, maybe not dining out quite as much, going out about town as much as they would just to try to save a little bit at the pump if they can.”

Kentucky drivers could continue to see a price drop at the gas pump as the average for a barrel of oil has dropped from $120 to just under $80 in recent weeks, something that dictates how much gas stations charge you when you fill up.

“I think my gas come in tomorrow and how do it come in I guess,” said Lexington gas station owner Premila Patel. “We have it come in a little high so I give it a little high. If it comes in cheaper I give it a little cheaper you know. I don’t make much money on gas you know.”

Patel opened her gas station a mere six months ago.

She said she has experienced some challenges but maintains the mindset of putting the customer first before even her own profit margins.

“Because like economy is too much, that’s why I gave it to everybody a little cheap and I need to help to help everybody, that’s why I give it cheap gas,” Patel said. “I like everybody and I have my company give me cheap gas so I give it cheap so everybody like it and I’m new owner, that’s why I got cheaper gas.”

So can we really expect gas prices to get even lower?

“It is really hard to predict where prices are going to go,” Weaver Hawkins said. “We can be kind of guarded and say that we think they are going to continue to drop as long as we don’t see some type of geopolitical type of occurrence, event that would affect those oil prices.”

Regardless of whether or not gas prices continue to drop, AAA has some tips to help you get the most out of every tank.

“I always tell people, make sure you stay up on vehicle maintenance,” Weaver Hawkins said. “And then your driving habits can also impact that. So if you are someone who is very aggressive in their driving. Lot of stops and starts that are very short at the stoplight, driving over that speed limit. All of those things are actually not as good of habits that you want for getting the best mileage out of your vehicle.”