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MT. STERLING, Ky. (FOX 56) – On March 21, the Commonwealth of Kentucky Board of Medical Licensure revoked the license of a Mt. Sterling doctor.

Paul McLaughlin’s order of revocation states he allowed his wife, Fairshinda, to administer Botox to individuals without the proper certification or supervision.

According to Kentucky state law, only licensed estheticians who receive required training may administer Botox under a physician’s “immediate supervision” (physically present in the room and overseeing activity at all times).

The case hearing panel found through analysis of the official complaint and the hearing officer’s Findings of Fact that Dr. Paul McLaughlin did not oversee the procedures involving his wife administering Botox to patients.

Case files state McLaughlin was already on probation from a case in 2019 involving patients who developed infections after receiving flu shots from the contracted company, “Location Vaccination”, operated by his wife.

The hearing panel concluded the appropriate action is to revoke all rights for Paul McLaughlin to perform any “practice of medicine” which includes the “diagnosis, treatment, or correction of any and all human conditions, ailments, diseases, injuries, or infirmities by any and all means, methods, devices, or instrumentalities – in the Commonwealth of Kentucky.”

McLaughlin must reimburse the cost of board proceedings in the amount of $28,827.96 before filing any petitions to reinstate his medical license.