LEXINGTON, Ky. (FOX 56) — New video shows five Memphis police department officers who were fired for excessive use of force after a man later died in a hospital.

FOX 56’S Georgia McCarthur spoke to a community activist who is weighing in on the brutal beating that has left the nation in dismay.

“Watching this video, what are some of your reactions?” McCarthur asked.

“This is inhumane. It is something that should never happen to any human being. And I am seeing them holding this guy down. And it does not seem like he has any kind of weapon or anything. So, he is not a threat to them,” Dr. Anthony Everett said.


McCarthur also prompted the question, “Ben Crump, compare this video to Rodney King. Does this at all feel like déjà vu as you watch it?

“I think that it is more than Rodney King. I think that we just celebrated Dr. Martin Luther King’s birthday. And Dr. Martin Luther King was an avid advocate against police brutality. And this is a clear example of police brutality. And it does not matter whether the police are white or Black,” Everett said.

“And speaking of you, bringing up the race issue, race is often at the forefront of police brutality. But given that these are five black police officers, does that negate the racism topic,” McCarthur asked.

“Healing more will take time. But, any advice to people who watch this and get angry and want to retaliate toward the police?” McCarthur asked.

“Hold vigils here in Lexington or wherever you might be that recognizes this atrocity that we see taking place,” Everett said.


What would you like to see? The fate of these five officers?

“These five men need to be responsible for fulfilling whatever gifts, talents, that this young man brought into the community’, Everett said.