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LEXINGTON, Ky. (FOX 56) – Help is on the way in eastern Kentucky, a Lexington-based business is donating more than 800 cases of water to those who will be without it for months.

Nearly two weeks after the deadly flooding, many people here in Lexington have stepped in to bring aid to the survivors. It obviously has been a tough thirteen days for flood victims and their families. But to really see those who are not from eastern Kentucky step in to help their neighbors is the beauty in it.

Nearly two weeks after tragic flooding changed lives and destroyed hundreds of homes across eastern Kentucky, Amteck is sending pallets of water to those who will need it for months.

“There is nothing like giving, especially for families that are unfortunately in the position that they are in Eastern Kentucky, you know, these families have lost homes their property has no value anymore to it,” Amteck CEO Daren Turner said.

Since the catastrophic flooding swamped the Appalachian region, the availability of water has become scarce after the floods damaged water systems.

“We have a lot of employees that are going to plan on starting to go up on the weekends and be able to help out, personally they want hands on,” Turner said.

Amteck employees spent the day loading up the cases of bottled water to flood victims even helping some of their own.

“We have had several employees, it is their family members that have lost homes, we have not had any fatalities in that group itself. You know it touches close to home so for sure,” Turner said.

The outpouring of support continues throughout the region the CEO of Amteck said they get together every week to help those in need.

“We provide the lunch here at our company and let the employees come together so we can talk about it, talk about the tragedy it is, and for each one of them to be able to give as well,” Turner said.