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LEXINGTON, Ky. (FOX 56) — As the temperatures begin to rise so do the chances of children being left in hot cars.

Pop-A-Lock, A Lexington lock smith company, created Pal Saves Kids to help save lives.

It’s a free service that helps save kids that have been locked in a car, they’ve helped more than five thousand children in Lexington over the past twenty years.

Last year Pop-A-Lock unlocked and saved nearly eight thousand children that were accidentally locked in vehicles all across the country.

Once on scene staff said it takes them just a few seconds with their tools to safely unlock the car to reach the child inside.

“The main thing is just be careful. I’m not sure everybody realizes how quickly a car can heat up and if that happens you need to really keep your cool, make sure you make the right calls. One thing too is if it’s in the sun light if you have a blanket put the blanket over the car to keep the sun off but everything needs to be done as quickly as possible because it’s really dangerous especially for your young kids,” said Doug Barnes, owner of Pop A Lock Lexington-Louisville.

Barnes also said keeping something like a wallet in the back seat or a teddy bear in the front seat also serves as a reminder to check for a child before you get out of your car.

For more information or if you’re in need of help contact Pop-A-Lock at 859-253-OPEN, or visit