LEXINGTON, Ky. (FOX 56) — The wildfire in Maui is now ranked as the deadliest in the past 100 years. With at least 111 people killed and hundreds still missing. A Lexington couple who moved here from Hawaii earlier this year is motivated to lend a hand. Even though they’re four thousand miles from their hometown.

“I’m scared to go because I’m just imagining that we won’t be able to see what was once considered home,’ Kristen Muto said.


Alexander Muto and his wife moved to Lexington to go to medical school at the University of Kentucky. While they may be thousands of miles away. Their connection to Maui is strong.

“Lahaina, Hawaii, is my hometown, and basically it’s completely gone. You can stand in the middle of the town and look in all directions, and it’s completely flat,” Alexander Muto said.

A flyer of the Moto’s non-profit organization.

A wildfire burned through his hometown, leaving nothing but ashes. The Mutos know people who are missing. And hope Kentuckians can help with the painstaking search and the long recovery to come.

“I know people who have lost entire sections of their family. We’ve been helping with a lot of the evacuations. My nonprofit has been helping with bringing some supply convoys to a lot of the geographically isolated areas in Kahana,” Alexander Muto said.

The couple is raising money with their non-profit, the Ignite a Life Foundation. They’re accepting donations from Lexington businesses for supplies for those who lost everything in the fire.


You wouldn’t think that ChapStick would be something that a lot of burn victims would be asking for. And a lot of these people who may not have been, I’m not talking about like a third-degree burn person, but people who have inhaled a lot of smoke, who were in the fire for out,” Alexander Muto said.

There are several fundraisers in Lexington for the island in partnership with the foundation. You can also donate by going to ignitealife.org.