LEXINGTON, Ky. (FOX 56) — A Lexington couple needs your help. Nearly two weeks ago, Charlotte Bryant was in a car accident, and in the middle of the commotion, the family dog, Polly, who was also in the car, went missing.

Charlotte and her husband, Gary Bryant, will now do anything to get their pup back.

The Bryants adopted their yorkie-bichon mixed in March. Quickly, their feelings for their furry friend became more than just puppy love.

“They’re just part of your life, and they just become that close to you,” said Gary.

However, on Nov. 4 the couple lost that part of their life. Charlotte and her daughter were in a car accident minutes from their home. It happened at the intersection of Harrodsburg Road and Pasadena Drive in Lexington.

“It was a very hard hit, and Polly was in the back seat,” said Charlotte. “I’m sure it terrified her.”

As Charlotte checked on her daughter, she didn’t notice Polly had jumped out the car window. Two women nearby told her they saw the pup run up the hill by Broadway Baptist Church.

“I started yelling for her,” Charlotte said. “But no Polly.”

Charlotte and her daughter fortunately left the crash without any broken bones, but their hearts are now broken. Every day for almost two weeks the Bryants have called local vets and groomers. They’ve also made more than 100 flyers and visit the humane society two times a day.

“Every day makes me more fearful that we won’t get her back,” said Charlotte.


There’s currently no more doggy in their window. Just marks from Polly’s once wet nose. A pile of toys remains untouched in their living room, yet the Byrants are still praying for another walk in the park with Polly.

“If you can bring her back, no questions asked, $2,000 reward,” said Gary.

The best way to reach the Bryants, if you find Polly, is by calling them at 859-227-4167.