LEXINGTON, Ky. (FOX 56) — Customers of the Lexington Diner got some sad news Monday. The restaurant known for it made from scratch meals is about to close for good. But, there’s still time for the regulars to enjoy a few more meals.

Karin West likes to connect with people one plate at a time.

“And that’s what food does for us, right? We share meals, we share food, we share cocktails,” West said.


Karin said it’s been difficult keeping a business going in the aftermath of the pandemic. So, the diner will close after nearly a decade in business.

“I mean, the world has changed so much in the last three years, and that’s not done changing. I mean, for battling the current inflation rates and employment issues. And we haven’t been fully staffed for probably since early,” West said.

Ginny Saville has been dining at the diner since it was located downtown.

“I just love coming here. This is like cheers to me, everybody here, we all know each other, “Saville said.

She’s heartbroken her favorite restaurant won’t be around for much longer.

She came in with her family to say goodbye one last bite at a time.

“I have gotten to be good friends with Karen and I work close, and she would sometimes bring me special deliveries, come by, and bring something for after dinner,“ Saville said.

Lexington Diner has a few more days to serve. When the doors close Sunday night, they’ll be closed for good.