LEXINGTON, Ky. (FOX 56) — Two Lexington men have not forgotten about eastern Kentucky flood victims in need.

John Anderson and Bill Perkins loaded up a trailer full of all kinds of items to donate to the Goodwill in Breathitt County Thursday.

Anderson and Perkins are two longtime friends.

“We met when he worked for my father at juvenile probation services in Lexington,” Anderson said. “We just stayed in touch over the last few years, 10 or 15, actually 25,” Anderson jokes.

Anderson said the load they’re about to take down to Jackson took between two and three weeks to get together.


At first, Anderson had a collection of appliances that he wanted to donate to flood victims. Then he started collecting donations from Lexington City Church, The American Red Cross, and neighbors along Westgate Street.

“I started getting more furniture and more clothes,” Anderson said. “So, I could take them to Goodwill in Lexington, but I might as well take them to Goodwill in Breathitt County.”

Now that Anderson has enough of a load, he’s called his close friend Perkins to help with the delivery. Perkins has one key piece of equipment, a trailer.

Perkins also wants to help because he used to work in the coal mines of eastern Kentucky. Perkins is a retired Vietnam War Combat Veteran, and said during his time living in eastern Kentucky, he was treated well by his former neighbors.

“I know what they’re going through. They’re very good people,” Perkins said. “They mean real good, but the bottom line is they just don’t have the support from the state like they should.”

Anderson said some of the donated items, mainly vacuum cleaners and chairs, were repaired by himself.

“I picked them up from trash off the curb, it’s surprising how many can be brought back to life.”

This will Anderson’s third time running donations down to eastern Kentucky. He said he feels a sense of responsibility, having collected so much reusable appliances, to get them into the right hands.

Both Anderson and Perkins are retired, and they both volunteer.

Perkins volunteers by helping veterans fill out their benefits applications.

Anderson volunteers at the American Red Cross, serving on the disaster team, and recently went to help out with Hurricane Ian relief efforts.

“Well, I’m retired, I don’t have any children,” Anderson said. “I just enjoy volunteering and I recommend everybody do it, even if you do it for a couple hours a week, it will become the high point of your week.”

Anderson and Perkins plan to do one more donation run in the coming months. To donate appliances and furniture to eastern Kentuckians, Anderson said items can be dropped off at Lexington City Church.