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LEXINGTON, Ky. (FOX 56) – The family and friends of 32-year-old Christopher Snow, gunned down near the east end of Lexington in 2018, are desperate to find out who killed him.

Lexington’s police chief and detectives joined Snow’s family in the neighborhood hoping to find the person responsible and remind people in the area to not forget his face.

Near 4th Street and Ohio Street, you will find flyers on poles up and down the neighborhood asking for information about what happened to 32-year-old Christopher Snow in July of 2018.

“I am hoping tonight and I am hoping by putting it up on crime stoppers that someone would come forth and it will just jog someone’s memory,” said father Frank Watkins.

Just blocks away from where snow was shot, Chief Lawrence Weathers and Devine Carama. walked with Snow’s family, an event organized to keep people talking about his case.

“Streets out here you know they talk and unfortunately there is people who know who committed the crime,” said Watkins.

With a heavy heart, reminiscing on his son’s life, Snow’s father is pleading for the community’s help in the cold case.

“You are always going to hear something smell something or music or anything that reminds you,” said Watkins.

Friday would have been Snow’s 36th birthday and his family hopes to get the gift of a closed case.

“Just like anyone else, he had his quirks and maybe he didn’t make the best decisions all the time but he was a good kid and he didn’t deserve to get murdered, to get killed that way,” said Watkins.

A parent should never bury their child said Watkins, and he now has words for the person who caused him so much pain.

“They are going to find you, they are going to find you, you can’t run forever,” said Watkins.

If you know anything about Christopher’s murder– you can leave your anonymous information on the CrimeStoppers tip line at 252-2020.