LEXINGTON, Ky. (FOX 56) — When the Lexington Fire Department isn’t fighting fires, it’s training to fight fires. A property management company contributed to that training in a big way.

A building on Legion Drive will soon be rubble to make room for a new 105-unit apartment complex, but before that happens, the fire department is using it for extensive training. Carson Baughman of Cowgill Inc. said he was thrilled to offer this opportunity to the fire department knowing it would be a great asset to them.


“I’ve reached out to Battalion Chief Jordan Saas initially just with the wild hope that he would be interested in training there. I think they were very eager to. He sort of explained to us that they really don’t have a lot of opportunities like this, that you can get a 20,000 square foot empty building and say, do whatever you want to it. We’re going to tear it down in a week anyway, which is a pretty special opportunity for him. We were just really excited to work with them on it,” Baughman said.

The firefighters can make use of the space in whatever way they need through April 7. Chief of training Jordan Saas said he was happy to take Cowgill up on this offer.

“This acquired structure is giving us an opportunity to practice the basics that’s hose advancement, that’s vertical ventilation, that’s search and rescue techniques, that’s forcible entry and everything in between. It’s a fantastic opportunity and we are grateful for Cowgill giving it to us,” Saas said.

Saas said this is the perfect way to use near gear, ensuring that firefighters are well adjusted when it comes to dangerous situations.

“That could be a new self-contained breathing apparatus, which is our air pack that we wear. New hand tools new thermal imaging cameras, a vast array of tools and equipment. This allows us to participate in practice with those in a safe environment, but still yet a realistic one too,” Saas said,

“We’re glad that this project could move forward. And as we’re demolishing this other building, we’re just thankful that it can go to use for the community in terms of the fire department training in it,” Baughman said.