LEXINGTON, Ky. (FOX 56) — A Lexington gift boutique went the extra mile to share the love with a local nonprofit. The results were celebrated by both businesses.

Ada & Lo is a local gift shop, but the staff had quite the gift for McLeod’s Coffee House. A check with a portion of the sales was presented to Brewster McLeod, who in turn celebrated not only the generosity of his friends but also the fact that they’ve had such a phenomenal relationship making things like this possible. Ada & Lo donated 10% of all proceeds to the coffee house through the month of February, all to make sure the nonprofit can keep running strong.


“Twenty-three years ago, we all found a relationship with special needs men and women, which we call VIPs. That’s why we’re here. Because of their generosity, and all of us have been celebrating with each other,” McLeod said.

Tannon Snyder is one of the many VIPs working at McLeod’s Coffee House. He happily greets everyone who walks in and remembers every single conversation he has. Brewster among others said Tannon is quick to make friends with everyone, and he wanted to come personally to thank his friends at Ada & Lo.

Carol Worsham and Julie Head from Ada & Lo both said their goal is to help McLeod’s keep the grind going, as it remains a symbol that VIPs will always have a home here.

“We love to give back to our community. We’re a small business and we feel like that’s what we should do is give back,” Worsham said.

McLeod said the money will also help invite more VIPs to the team since his crew is constantly growing. He said the fact people are staying shows McLeod’s Coffee House truly is the home for VIPs he envisioned.