LEXINGTON, Ky. (FOX 56) — A Lexington gift boutique is sharing the love with a nonprofit that’s very special to a lot of people, not just coffee lovers.

Taking one step into McLeod’s Coffee House will instantly get you greeted by VIPs, referring to the people working here. Mcleod’s Coffee House is a nonprofit that wants to give everyone a chance, even if they have physical disabilities. Vladimir Stafford has found not only his job but his home here.

“It makes me feel amazing. I’ve been trying to get a job for the past eight to 10 years, and this is one of my very first jobs I get,” Stafford said.


A nearby gift boutique called Ada & Lo knows how special this coffee house is, which is why they’re donating 10% of all proceeds to Mcleod’s through February. The goal is to keep the grind going at McLeod’s, ensuring that the coffee house remains a strong symbol of inclusion.

“I’m so grateful that I’m surrounded by McLeod’s and give me a chance to work and showing other businesses that they can hire people with disabilities. And we will get the same thing done, we just might do it a different way,” Stafford said.

Brewster McLeod extended his thanks to Ada & Lo, saying this action speaks volumes of how much they value making relationships in the community.

“McLeod’s coffee house is a very grateful people that Ada and Lo’s would think about us enough that they would give some of their percentage of sales for the month of February. My favorite word is inclusion and Ada and Lowe’s with Carol and Buster Worsham and Julie and with MacLeod, it’s all-inclusive. That’s the way they are with people,” McLeod said.

Instead of handicapped, Stafford uses the term handy-capable to describe himself and his friends. He’s thankful for McLeod’s and the willingness to give him a chance to prove he can do what anyone can, in his own way.

“I just think it’s wonderful and amazing. I love the systems and help we give back as much as we receive. And I think that’s extremely important to give back. And just because people have helped us so much that we want to help others and we are grateful for the people who help us,” Stafford said.