LEXINGTON, Ky. (FOX 56) – A historic home in the heart of downtown Lexington is up for sale.

The property located at 467 West Second St. is just a block away from Rupp Arena and has a unique story to tell which begins all the way back to the mid-1840s.

If walls could talk, this home would have a lot to say, and some big names to drop.

“Abraham Lincoln walked the halls,” said Co-Relator Ciara Hagedorn.

At one point it served as a Bed & Breakfast, the first in Lexington dating back to 1995.

That is not the home’s only claim to fame, however, also being home to the first flushable toilet in Lexington (the plumbing is still intact for anyone who’s wondering).

The home’s history runs much deeper than that though.

“If you can imagine waking up in this bed and what you’re actually seeing is an over 200-year-old oak,” said Co-Relator Susie Stewart. “And this oak was actually what symbolized the location of the Underground Railroad.”

In the Civil War era, Kentucky was a state caught in the middle, bordering both free states in the North and slave-owning states in the South.

“There’s plenty of historic homes, but have they kept those things intact? Did they have these heart-wrenching stories behind them? This home, if the walls could talk,” Hagedorn described.


Hagedorn and Stewart know the market is small for the home, listed at more than 1.4 million dollars. They’re hoping to find the perfect owner, one who appreciates the property’s past.

“It feels like you’ve stepped kind of back in time, and everything has just been so well curated in this space,” Stewart explained. “Everything’s been touched and very well thought of. The current owner is very methodical in everything she does as far as her design goes and she’s done a phenomenal job here.”

The house has been on the market for a little more in the month and sits within the city’s Northside District, documented by the National Register of Historic Places.

For the full listing, you can find it here.