LEXINGTON, Ky. (FOX 56) — Foster families in the Lexington area are eagerly awaiting their new furry friend.

According to the Lexington Humane Society following the rescue of 15 Beagles from a facility in Virginia. A team from the Lexington Humane Society will arrive in Lexington with 15 of the approximately 4,000 Beagles rescued from the mass breeding facility.

Once at the LHS, the Beagles will be introduced to play yards, be evaluated for medical treatment, receive spay or neuter surgeries, and be prepared for foster care.

“As with most animal shelters, LHS is caring for a very high number of animals this summer, and our resources are stretched to the limit,” said Susan Malcomb, LHS President. “Even with all of our challenges, our team categorically elected to help these Beagles. How could we not?”

While in foster care, the Beagles will acclimate to life in a home and get showered with love.

For updates on the Beagles at LHS, you can visit the Lexington Humane Society Facebook page.