LEXINGTON, Ky. (FOX 56) — With Pride Month kicking off a Lexington law firm held a clinic to assist transgendered people who wish to legally change their name.

Dinsmore and Shohl partnered with AIDS volunteers of Lexington to help those in the LGBTQ+ community change their names to reflect an identity they may have adopted over the years.

A volunteer group of attorneys, paralegals, notaries, and law students were on hand to help walk people through the process and the paperwork.

One attorney said it was a meaningful way to help others.


“This is really important for people because this name is what appears on all of their legal documents. It’s a situation where if it’s not right on their I.D., it can be kind of frustrating when you’re going to a space. And people who may not be that open minded are expecting to see a certain thing or saying the wrong name. And that’s the name that you may have given up a while ago. So this is really a way to affirm people’s identity, their gender expression, and make sure that what’s on paper matches what they are in real life,” said Faith Jackson.

The group is planning to hold another name change clinic on June 24 in Louisville.

Matt Duckworth contributed to this story.