LEXINGTON, Ky. (FOX 56) — A public forum was held Thursday discussing a route connecting all of Lexington.

The “Imagine New Circle” study brought together not just residents, but also business owners, and policymakers to discuss how to help this highly traveled area better meet community needs. Sixth district councilwoman Denise Gray came on behalf of her constituents, who largely agree that the area is too heavy on car dealerships.

“That’s what we’ve been known for is being essentially a car dealership. I am so grateful that finally, we are going to change that. That reality that we’ve been facing essentially all my life, which was not the original intent but that’s what it became,” Gray said.


A lot of participants also agree that public safety is a current issue, especially with the traffic that flows through.

“We’re looking for a New Circle Road that’s easily traveled by not only our vehicles but our pedestrians as well,” Gray said.

The organizations Zoneco and Gresham Smith are playing a role in this project, with Gresham Smith project lead Louis Johnson saying he was happy to see so much feedback.

“One of my big takeaways, having worked with Zoneco, as they felt like flexibility was a thing that really needed to be brought along the corridor. I think that was dimensional flexibility as well as land use,” Johnson said.

Members of the planning commission were on hand to ask questions, with Frank Penn being one who was very pleased with the study.

“Repurposing New Circle Road is something that this community, with the exception of people that run car lots, would embrace because there’s a lot of land there that’s just really not being used. I’m excited to see that we’re finally going to put the attention where I hope it can do the best,” Penn said.