LEXINGTON, Ky. (FOX 56) – With the spooky season approaching some local business owners are afraid of a man in Lexington broke into a bike shop and several businesses wearing a costume.

A superhero who is supposed to save the day went trick-or-treating for items that did not belong to him.

“It was a caped crusader. The day after our first year anniversary,” said Fat Daisy Skateboard Company employee Drew Rogers.

It was superhero turned villain. A bandit, wearing a batman mask possibly looking for the Joker.

“He came right in and I think he checked the bathroom went through our stuff through our little files right here, realized it was a skate shop and it is not going to be a lot of crazy valuable stuff, and moved on,” said Drew.

The Fat Daisy Skateboard Company was not the only place the dark knight crept inside.

“I just did not believe it at first, to be honest, and then you know I realized he hit everyone and I could not do anything but laugh,” said Drew.

But it was no laughing matter other stores fell victim to the fake crusader.

“I feel fortunate compared to the damage he did to other buildings, and other shops, he did not really mess our stuff up,’ said Fat Daisy Skateboard Company owner Dave Rogers.

Even though the bike shop was “spared” that night, this Batman sent a signal.

“I think Batman went out and taught us a lesson, I think Batman went out and taught everyone a lesson, the other night about how important it is to go the extra distance to protect your stuff,” Dave said.

Lexington police are asking businesses in the area to check their surveillance video and contact detectives if they have any footage that could help put this Batman behind bars.