LEXINGTON, Ky. (FOX 56) — A pioneer of Lexington TV and radio has died. Kentucky’s first female daily news anchor, Sue Wylie, died after a car crash Tuesday afternoon.

“She had a bizarre sense of humor. She had over 200 pairs of shoes. Somebody said this morning that she was the Barbara Walters of Lexington. Only better,” Wylie’s radio colleague Jack Pattie told FOX 56 News.

With a career spanning back to the 1950s, Wylie was a force to be reckoned with on the airwaves. Pattie had her on his WVLK radio show, Lexington’s Morning News, just days ago.

“And she came on with me Monday morning. And the first thing she said was, I want to know what is bothering you most about all the stuff that’s going on in the world. Okay. It was a great topic, and it lit the phones up. But Sue could light the phones up,” he said.


Pattie said Wylie was never one to shy away from confrontation. In 1968, she was hired down the street at NBC affiliate WLEX, becoming Kentucky’s first woman to anchor a daily newscast. For 30 years, she graced the TV airwaves, inspiring others to follow her lead. A college-aged DeAnn Stephens first met her by chance in a jazz exercise class.

“I saw this woman that looked really familiar and all of a sudden I’m like, That is Sue Wylie And so I went up and introduced myself after class. I told her I wanted her job someday, and she could not have been any nicer,” Stephens said.

Wylie had a talent for covering politics and community affairs in a way that connected with people, even if they disagreed. Her stint on the radio airwaves continued after her TV retirement before she put down the microphone in 2013.


“I always said she was a ‘hold the cat and call the dog’ kind of talk show host. Now when she was on TV, it was a whole different subject; it was all about fairness and equality and all, but when she got on the radio all those rules were gone, and she loved to get people fired up,” Pattie said.

Pattie loves the expression “Nobody is dead until people stop talking about you.” And for Sue Wylie, he believes she will live on in the hearts of many forever.

“She was a trailblazer. She was a pioneer. She was hilarious. She was a genius. She was a friend. And I miss her. And she will never be forgotten,” Pattie said.

Wylie was 90 years old.