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LEXINGTON, Ky. (FOX 56) – A Lexington murder suspect appeared in court Tuesday, Aug. 17.

Brandon Dockery had two preliminary hearings. The first was for the murder of Raymar Webb. The second was for a standoff that happened between Dockery, police, and U.S. Marshalls.

The prosecution called two detectives to the stand to talk about the two incidences.

The first was Detective Brandon Gibbs with the Lexington Police Department. He detailed the night 30-year-old Webb was killed.

On June 19, 2021, police responded to Short Street and Mill Street for shots fired.

Police said that two witnesses identified Dockery by name and told police he was responsible. Video evidence showed Webb walking in front of a car that Dockery was sitting in.

“Mr. Webb walked across the front of the vehicle towards the driver’s side door, and that’s when Dockery exited the vehicle and shot Mr. Webb multiple times at point-blank range.” Det. Gibbs testified.

Webb died at the scene.

Later that month, police went to a house where Dockery was staying on Thirlstane Couty. It led to the standoff between Dockery and law enforcement.

“A taser was deployed,” said Detective Derrick Walton. “At this point, Dockery fired at the officer’s direction. Gun fire was returned between the two.”

Police said body cameras captured the moment.

Dockery eventually surrendered to police and was treated for gunshot wounds.

Dockery’s attorney did not make an argument against probable cause or ask for a bond reduction.

Both of his cases are being sent to a grand jury.