LEXINGTON, Ky. (FOX 56) — In Lexington and throughout Kentucky, people face a constant risk of serious accidents. Not because they are in a car, but on foot. The latest report from Lexington police shows there are more than 150 pedestrian collisions per year.

“If you look at our unfortunately fatal car crashes on New Circle Road, almost every single one of those pedestrians has not been in the crosswalk there somewhere where a driver does not expect to see,” lieutenant with Lexington police department Van Brackel said.


“I see a lot of people going at least 40 and down the road at least. Especially here, I walk here a lot, and I know that people do not go to the speed limit,” pedestrian Devon Watts said.

“Those are designed specifically. So, a pedestrian that might not be as easy to see is now able to get the attention of those cars. So, when you see those lights come on, the only way they’ve come on is there is a pedestrian there to cross,” Van Brackel said.

Many walkers tell us that close calls in the crosswalk are common.


Sometimes people just try to beat you if you’re standing there, and they’ll see you and try to beat you across the crosswalk first. I always stop and see if they’ll stop first, and then I cross,” Watts said.

Now that it is almost time for clocks to fall back and it’s getting darker sooner, police suggest wearing reflective gear while walking at night.