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The menu of restrictions for restaurants and bars is constantly changing during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The mandates come quick and they change often,” Operating Partner at Sedona Taphouse Eric Farber said. “This Coronavirus is just another way that the restaurant business needs to adapt and figure out and it’s scary.”

Among typical requirements like face masks and social distancing, adapting at Sedona Taphouse also means renting a tent to expand their outdoor dining.

It has kept the blow of reduced inside capacity at a minimum, and it’s why Farber hopes any further capacity changes won’t carry as much weight.

“As long as the six-foot rule is still in effect then I don’t know of many restaurants that are going to be able to go much passed 33 percent anyways,” Farber said.

Governor Andy Beshear has mentioned the possibility of issuing a curfew for restaurants and bars, similar to the guideline in Ohio.

But, Sedona Taphouse’s current hours of operation likely won’t be affected.

While so many things remain up in the air, one thing that hasn’t changed is the support from customers.

“Everybody has been doing the curbside since day one, as soon as the shutdown happened, they all supported through that,” Farber said. “Everybody has been great, regular customers come in and show their support in many ways, whether it’s buying a gift card or ordering takeout or coming in, we’ve seen all that.”