LEXINGTON, Ky. (FOX 56) – The Robotics teams at Trinity Christian Academy is looking to raise awareness about STEM education, while also competing for championship gold.

Both the middle school and high school teams work year-round on their respective tasks, from construction to coding to ultimately competing.

The high school team came in third in the Alabama State Championship in early March.

While the middle school is going to California in mid-May with the hope of winning a National Championship.


Although it may seem complicated, they said it all starts with one simple toy.

“We build our robot out of Legos that you use at home, just like any of the millions of Lego bricks ever created we’re allowed to use and we’re so happy that we’re going to do that,” said Ben Meredith, “Then we get our Lego hub, and we program it, and it sends connections to the motors, and then it causes them to run.”

Building the robot is just part of the competition though.

The kids are also responsible for presenting their work and applying it to real-world applications, one of which being the school’s in-development campus off East Brannon Road in Nicholasville.

To support the team, you can follow them here.