LEXINGTON, Ky. (FOX 56) — As the price of groceries continues to soar, food banks also need more money to help families put a Thanksgiving meal on the table. Leaders at God’s Pantry Food Bank said the demand for food is up and inflation has impacted donations.

Due to inflation experts said the average Thanksgiving meal will cost 20% more than last year. Now more families are relying on donated meals.

Cars lined up just days before Thanksgiving.

“Imagine for a moment, not having a meal on your table for Thanksgiving not being able to gather with loved ones to celebrate whatever joys in life you have,” CEO of God’s Pantry Food Bank Michael Halligan said.


The rising cost of groceries means more families are turning to god’s pantry for help.

“This year we spent almost $150,000 on Turkeys, a year ago we spent about $100,000 on Turkeys, part of that is because we are doing more, and part of that is because some turkeys are up 30%,” Halligan said.

The food bank started preparing in February Halligan’s goal is to feed everyone who is hungry, no matter the reason.

“Today is our 29th anniversary of sharing Thanksgiving over the course of the last three days in six different counties we would have distributed 6600, Thanksgiving meals,” Halligan said.

For hours hundreds of volunteers loaded car after car with everything families needed for a meal including a free turkey.

“We stage all of the product in the grocery carts and then the grocery carts go around behind me and they make their way to vehicles,” Halligan said.

The agency relies on volunteers such as Greg Kasten who is in his third on the team.

“For me it is biblical, Jesus tells us to feed and to clothe and to help those, and so really just following the command of Jesus Christ,” Kasten said.

God Pantry Food Bank helps families not only for the holidays but year-round the food bank serves 50 counties in central and eastern Kentucky.