LEXINGTON, Ky. (FOX 56) — After a string of crimes in the east end of Lexington, several grieving mothers are teaming up to bring hope and opportunity to that part of the city.

A summit called “Living Your New Normal” aims to educate the community on ways to cope with trauma and build resilience.

“My son was murdered, on 8-22-2021 on Pemberton,” Alisa Michelle-Hairston said.

“I lost my son, so I’m not doing it for the news. I’m not doing it for people to talk. I’m doing it genuinely because I know what that feels like,” Tonya Lindsey said.

The two mothers know what it feels like to go through the pain and live their new normal. That’s why we’re having the L.Y.N.N. summit to work together to educate instead of being divided.

This Sunday they are hosting an event at the Lyric Theater.

“The first district is the district that has been hit the hardest by violence and crime,” Lindsey said.

They believe as a community they can break the cycle of violence, and oppression, and restore hope.

“I think people need to know that as African-American people, we need to get therapy, you know, not be afraid of therapy,” Alisa Michelle-Hairston said.

Two organizations are focused on improving the quality of life in the district. One is called “Sisters and Supporters Working Against Gun Violence“. The other is called “It Really Does Matter.” 


“I know that when you have been impacted by a violent crime such as homicide, there’s a financial disturbance, there’s a financial burden, there’s a financial hardship. We have agencies here that provide financial assistance,” Lindsey said.

Grief is a process and healing is part of it. Tonya Lindsey can help families through the pain because she’s been there herself.

“So, I try to tell mothers that I talked to, I’m not going to say it’s going to happen today. I’m not going even today is going to happen, Next week.  But you learn to live a new normal and you will learn how to cope with the loss and you smile again,” Lindsey said.

The L.Y.N.N. summit which means living your new normal will take place Sunday at 2:30 p.m. at the Lyric Theater. It’s free and open to anyone.