LEXINGTON, Ky. (FOX 56) — Students of James Lane Allen Elementary School had the chance to welcome a very special guest for Women’s History Month.

Lt. Gov. Jacqueline Coleman visited the school to take a tour, take questions from students, and see what the students are learning about the influential women throughout the Commonwealth’s history. For Coleman, this trip is a return to her roots.

“I spent my life in the classroom. As a teacher, as a basketball coach, as an assistant principal, any time I can get into a school and talk with students is a great day for me,” Coleman said.


The lieutenant governor was in good hands for this tour. As soon as she entered, she was welcomed by her three tour guides, fifth-graders Blessing Agano, Ruby Puckett, and Ashley Murillo. The three students told Coleman all about what they have learned. The students said they feel empowered after meeting her in person.

“I learned that she’s like really grateful for the people who came before her, who helped her have like the opportunity to be lieutenant governor,” said Blessing.

“I feel like women can do anything. I know women used to not really have the same rights as men did. I feel thankful that we live in this time, that we can — that we can all be created equal,” Ruby added.

“She kind of inspired me that maybe a lot of women can be like her,” Ashley added.

Coleman said the future is bright for these students, as she encourages them to keep reaching high, just like many women before them.

“To be able to talk to them about the women that have paved the way for people like me, and to know that it’s my job to pave the way for people like them and so forth and so on. You keep that going and you keep paying it forward, and that’s what I think Women’s History Month is all about,” Coleman said.