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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WDKY) – Tuesday marks 13 years since Comair flight 5191 crashed at Bluegrass Airport on Aug. 27, 2006.

The crash happened following a mistake on the runway. The pilot of flight 5191 prepared for takeoff on the wrong runway.

The flight crashed because the runway was too short for takeoff.

All 47 passengers and two crew members died. Many of them were Kentuckians.

The only person to survive was Co-Pilot Jim Polehinke, who was actually piloting the plane at the time of the crash. He had to have his leg amputated and suffered brain damage. He has said he has no memory of the crash or the events that led to it.

The incident caused Blue Grass Airport to make a change so that short runways no longer intersect with longer ones.

A memorial was built to honor the crash victims at the University of Kentucky Arboretum.

Flight 5191 Victims

Rebecca Adams

Lyle Orvill Anderson

Christina Anderson

Arnold P. Andrews

Anne Marie Bailey

Bobbie Benton

Clark Benton

Carole R. Bizzack

George Brunacini

Brian C. Byrd

Jeffrey Clay

Diane Combs

Homer Combs

Fenton Dawson

Thomas Fahey

Mike Finley

Clarence Wayne Fortney II

W. Bartley Frederick

Hollie Gilbert

Erik Harris

Kelly James Heyer

Jonathan Hooker

Scarlett Parsely Hooker

Pricilla Johnson

Nahoko Kono

Tetsuya Kono

Charles M. Lykins

Dan Mallory

Steve McElravy

Lynda McKee

Robert I. Meaux

Kaye Craig Morris

Leslie W. Morris II

Cecile Moscoe

Judy Ann Rains

Michael Ryan

Mary Jane Silas

Patrick Hogan Smith

Timothy K. Snoddy

Marcie Reynolds Thomason

Gregory Alan Threet

Randy D. Towles

Larry W. Turner

Victoria Washington

Jeff Williams

Paige Michelle Winters

Bryan Woodward

JoAnn Wright

Betty Butler Young