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FRANKFORT, Ky. (WDKY) – A neighbor is recounting what he saw in the aftermath of a murder-suicide in Franklin County.

It happened at a home on Green-Wilson Road near the Anderson County line.

When troopers responded, they found 54-year-old Donna J. Hollon shot. She was taken to a nearby hospital where troopers say she was later pronounced dead. State police also found her husband, 51-year-old Larry W. Hollon, shot as well. They think he took his own life.

The couple’s 18-year-old daughter Daisy Hollon was also injured. Gary Lee McRoberts is a neighbor of the Hollon family, and he said the 18-year-old was looking for help after the shooting.

“The girl come (sic) running out the door,” McRoberts said.

McRoberts has known the family for several years, and he said Daisy Hollon ran across the street to his house. McRoberts said she had blood all over her face and clothes. When police arrived, she explained to them what she witnessed.

“Larry was drunk, and they got into a big argument,” McRoberts said, “He went and got the gun…shot his wife in the kitchen. Daisy tried to get the gun away from her daddy. That’s how she got the three stitches in her head. Then he turned the gun and shot himself.”

McRoberts said he is still in disbelief and remains heartbroken over what happened.

“Lost two good friends.”

Troopers are awaiting results of an autopsy.