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LEXINGTON, Ky. (FOX 56) – Small business is the backbone of the economy. Transylvania University has taken note of this and created a new center for entrepreneurship, with an experienced business consultant at the helm of the operation.

Jeni Al Bahrani began recently as director of this new center for entrepreneurship. Before founding several entrepreneurship consulting agencies and working in the industry, Al Bahrani earned a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Thomas More College in northern Kentucky and a master’s in entrepreneurship from Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland.

The goal is to promote creativity and innovation while encouraging students in any major to keep going after their interests and explore a wide range of entrepreneurial paths.

The center will focus on engaging students with extracurricular experimental programs and events. These will include internships, workshops, and a speaker series. To expand the program, the university plans to partner with several local and regional groups to deliver more experiences to students.

Al Bahrani says the goals of the center fall in line with the university’s vision for students.

“We’re really creating this more inclusive environment for entrepreneurship for students to learn how entrepreneurship and innovation can play a role in their own studies, their own passions, and their own career aspirations. Students across all the majors can come to the center and find out how entrepreneurship can play a role for you,” Al Bahrani said.