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LEXINGTON, Ky. (FOX 56) — Looking for something new to do? Distillery District Bottlers in Lexington is offering a new experience for you and at least 6 friends.

Experience the life of a master distiller and create a bottle of bourbon or rye that is all your own. The experience comes with a tour and tasting to help inspire your personal bottle.

The new experience offered by Captain Danger Close and Distillery District Bottlers is coming to Lexington Tuesday, 8.

“With the expansion of Distillery and Tourism growing in the industry,” said Daniel LaCour, CEO of Distillery District Bottlers, said, “something unique and personalized we felt would fill a creative spin in the industry. It’s an exciting field that I am privileged and proud to be part of.


Make your own blend experience:

You will start by selecting a 750ML bottle, then picking out decorative elements for the label, and finally deciding what cork closure will be used for the bottle.

The experience will then have you take a guided tour where you can taste 4-6 barrels of the 8-16 barrels available, while a guide explains their history and origin.

A master blender will assist with making the personalized blend, proofing it to your preferred strength.

The whole experience takes about 60-90 minutes, according to the Captain Danger Close website.

Lacour said, their available Spirits include Kentucky Straight Bourbon, Rye, and Vodka with rum being released in March, all crafted by University of Kentucky students.

To learn more or book your experience go here.

Flyer about Captain Danger Close premium tour outline. (Provided by DDB Tours)