NICHOLASVILLE, Ky. (FOX 56) – The Don Franklin Mitsubishi car lot had multiple vehicles damaged overnight.

The car dealership is located off U.S. Highway 27 near Connemara Golf Course.

Josh Fite, a dealership employee, told FOX 56 that six of their trucks were hit by a drunk driver last night. He said the owner came through with his own tow truck and jumped right in to clean up everything with the rest of the team.

“I got here. As I said, it was a sort of a little bit of a spectacle. But we certainly also want to say to the community of Nicholasville with the police department and the EMS crew that was here, they it appears they arrived like minutes after because there was quite a bit of damage done on the front row of our dealership, around six trucks and about a good four of them were pretty you know, smashed in for sure,” said General Manager Scott Keyland.


Authorities confirmed Jacob Carlson has been taken into custody and charged with reckless driving, fleeing the scene, and operating a vehicle while intoxicated.

Nicholasville police told FOX 56 one person was hurt away from the dealership but is expected to be okay.

Fite said the dealership is still going to be open for business until 6 p.m. on Saturday.