NICHOLASVILLE, Ky. (FOX 56) — Nicholasville police are investigating an early morning break-in at a convenience store.

Police told FOX 56 they were called just after 6 a.m. Tuesday to the T-Mart on South Main Street for a reported break-in.

Authorities talked to the store’s cashier who said she caught the intruder inside the building when she arrived at work. The woman said she left quickly and called the police.

By the time police arrived, police said the alleged trespasser had already fled the area.

Upon investigation, Nicholasville police said they found the point of entry at the back of the store where the burglar had torn a large hole in the metal siding of the building.


The store’s clerk said the building also sustained some interior damage such as a broken Red Bull cooler, causing the liquid to spill onto the floor.

Police are still on the search for the intruder.