NICHOLASVILLE, Ky. (FOX 56) — The Nicholasville Police Department is hitting the road this summer to help the community beat the heat, all while forming relationships with the people they serve.

The police department is delivering free ice pops to children, and residents said it’s a cool way to see the police department interact with the community. Once kids hear the siren, they can come out to meet the officers and get their treat. Officer Jermaine Jackson said there’s nothing like the feeling of getting to spend time with the people they serve.


“That’s what we do the job for in general. Policing isn’t just what people tend to think what policing is, but it’s actually to be out here with the community and to be able to function in a positive way, to be able to put a positive spin and a smile on our kids’ faces and have that positive interaction with law enforcement is awesome,” Jackson said.

Residents like Brittany Rowe said it’s a pleasant surprise on a hot summer day, with the bonus of knowing the police want to go the extra mile for the children.

“I’m very appreciative and thankful and great to have this in our community and something that we really need. I’m very happy to have it,” Rowe said.

The officers also gave out stickers and took time to chat with the kids about their summers. Rowe said it’s something that goes a long way.

“Really their presence is enough to provoke change and just new things. That’s been a part of them coming out and doing things like this. I’m very grateful that they are getting out there and putting in their time with our younger generation,” Rowe said.

Operation Copsicle makes appearances at special events, and anyone can request them by calling the department at (859) 885-9467, or by reaching out on the department’s Facebook page. Operation Copsicle can also travel to surrounding counties.