PARIS, Ky. (FOX 56) – After around 17 hours of being without water, people in Paris, KY have their water back after a water main line broke early Thursday morning.

The break happened at 3 a.m. Thursday on the Claiborne Farm on Winchester Road according to city officials.

Some businesses were unable to open Thursday due to not having usable water, others were able to open, but only in a limited capacity.

Despite the fix, all utility customers remain under a boil water advisory, which is something the city anticipates remaining through the weekend, abiding by CDC guidance.

“Showering and bathing is still ok under a boil water notice however they just want you to be cautious not to get anything in your mouth or your nose or your eyes,” said City Manager Jamie Miller. “And for younger children for who that is more difficult to ensure that they can, they encourage you to do sponge baths.”

With the boil water advisory still in effect, however, local restaurants cannot resume normal operations, needing to do a little bit of extra leg work on the front end to serve their customers.

“So my dad got here early this morning and boiled a bunch of water to store that the cooks can use,” said Lali Lucero, the daughter of Perico’s Mexican Restaurant’s owner. “It is a very limited amount that we have.”

On Thursday, Perico’s could only provide take-out service and with the advisory likely to still be in effect through the weekend, restaurants like Perico’s could still see a dip in business.

“Those are our busiest days,” Lucero said. “The rest of the week is usually slowed down and most of our revenue comes from the weekend and Thursday.”

Many people felt the city could have done a better job communicating about the water main break, expressing their frustration on the city’s Facebook page. Lucero shared how her family learned their restaurant was without water.

“So basically the reason we found out,” Lucero said. “We had no water at the house so my dad came here to Perico’s but there was no water also so he called the health department, and the health department had to call the city because no one notified us or any of the other restaurant staff that we had no water here.”