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CLARK COUNTY, Ky. – Human remains found off KY Highway 60 and Goshen Road near Winchester on Friday have been identified as Robert Jones.

Family of Robert Jones were at the scene on Friday when police found the body. They’ve been confident all along that it was the body of their Bobby.

“In my heart I know it is him,” said Jones’ sister-in-law, Jennifer Fine.

Fine was by her husband’s side Friday as he watched crews investigated the discovery of a body.

Watching the heartbreaking scene unfold, as the state police post handling the murder of Jones and his girlfriend, Crystal Warner, taking over the investigation.

A cross placed by Jones’ family now standing where the body was found.

“There is no changing anything now. We know they are deceased, but you don’t want to really hope that is your loved one’s body,” said Fine.

News no family ever wants to receive, but news this family needs. Fine says the family will not stop searching until Crystal is also found.

“We won’t stop. Bob would want us to keep searching for her,” said Fine.

Getting that official word he in fact has been found an important step for loved ones trying to come to terms with the unthinkable. They say they also know and understand it is an important step in making sure the man police say is responsible , Craig Pennington, is held accountable.

State Police say Jones was identified through dental records and additional testing will be performed in an attempt to determine the exact cause of death. The investigation is ongoing and the search for Crystal Warner continues.