LEXINGTON, Ky. (FOX 56) – Hidden in a narrow staircase behind the pulpit lies a secret passageway that allowed slaves a chance at freedom. 

Dr. Robert A. Strode, the pastor of the Saint Paul African Methodist Episcopal Church said “There was a system that was among African Americans, slaves to get from slavery to freedom, they went through a system called underground road.” 

Now the church is trying to recapture that piece of history it has left by raising money so that it can shine a light on what is left. 

“And the important thing about history, it doesn’t get lost. You know as we go through generations, you find that people aren’t as aware,” church member Bessie Jackson said

Jackson said it’s important that there is still a piece of the past that is still here.

“History is the foundation for our future. Without it, we do get lost in where we’re going, and history is a learning vehicle for us,” said Jackson. “The church itself has been a beacon light in the community.”


The church is looking at different ways they can help cover the cost.

“We are having conversations with people who may have ideas for what would be good for fundraising,” said Strode.

The church still remains largely intact in its original form today – preserving its near 200-year history.

You can donate on the church’s website.