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LEXINGTON, Ky. (FOX 56) — The grocery store chain, Publix, announced it will be opening a location in Lexington.

Today, Publix broke ground on its first Kentucky location in Louisville. In the same release pertaining to the groundbreaking, it announced the plans for a Lexington location.

Publix will open the location in Fountains at Palomar at the northwest corner of Man O’ War Boulevard and Harrodsburg Road. The 55,701-square-foot store will feature a drive-thru Pharmacy and 3,200-square-foot Publix Liquors.

It is expected to open by the end of 2024.

Publix coming to the Commonwealth has many excited.

“I’m really excited because whenever I think of Publix I think of the beach and it is good vibes all around,” said Lexington Resident Gracie Logan. “And they have really good sandwiches.”

Some shoppers say with Publix making its way to the Bluegrass could certainly alter where they shop.

“Depends on the stuff that they can sell there,” Georgetown resident Jack Leal said. “If it is better quality than Kroger or Walmart. The prices usually dictates what I buy at stores. But the quality does play a bigger part into it. So maybe if it has better stuff than what I would find at either Kroger or Walmart, then yeah possibly I could see myself shopping there.”

With where Publix will be located, there are a fair amount of other businesses nearby, which has them excited as well for the potential traffic the store may bring.

“That means a lot,” said Owner of Papi’s Mexican Restaurant Marcos Valdes. “It’s a gamechanger. We opened here in hopes of having other tenants around us and having traffic. Then the pandemic happened and it has been a little slow for other restaurants to open so knowing that they’re going to be here, it is just awesome. We are going to have more foot traffic and that is going to mean better business for us.”