LEXINGTON, Ky. (FOX 56) — A patient at the Kentucky Children’s Hospital is opening a “pawsitively” cute new art exhibit.

Katie Belle Carmichael, 12, has been undergoing chemotherapy and rotationplasty surgery as part of her bone cancer treatments. During her long stays at the hospital, she created artwork to help her through difficult times. Her muse? Therapy dogs.


Carmichael would paint or draw therapy dogs that would visit her room. Her new art exhibit is called “Pups of Color.”

“The reason why I created this is because I wanted to help. Like, help with other people, you know, kids, because I know that coming to the hospital can be really scary and just really jarring and I thought that, you know, animals and specifically the therapy dogs have always been like a really good help. A great help for me when I was feeling down in the dumps and in the hospital room,” Carmichael said.

She said it has taken about eight months to finish all of her artwork.