LEXINGTON, Ky. (FOX 56) —  In 2021, 70,000 festivalgoers attended the Railbird Music Festival. The first weekend in June, Railbird is back at a brand new (and smaller) location. Here’s what FOX 56 knows about navigating this high-traffic weekend.

Lexingtonians should expect heavy traffic June 3—4 into the late night hours and be mindful of pedestrians in the downtown and Red Mile areas.

There is no public parking available at the Red Mile for the entirety of the event. Only platinum pass holders are permitted to park on-site.

Platinum guests who plan to park in the Red Mile parking lot must enter through Grand Circut Drive. Railbird advises attendees not to try to enter from other roadways.

VIP and General Admission ticket holders have four options to get to and from festival grounds:

  • Ride-share: Take an Uber or Lyft to and from Red Mile! There will be a designated ride-share pickup and drop-off area at the festival’s entrance.
  • Shuttle from Kroger Feild: Park and ride when you buy a 1-Day or 2-Day Shuttle Pass! Park at Kroger Field and hop on the shuttle, which is just a short ride to the Red Mile. You must have a shuttle pass to park at Kroger Field. No overnight parking is allowed — vehicles will be subject to be towed. Shuttle passes are sold per person, not per vehicle. Parking hours are as follows:
    • Saturday12:45 p.m. — First Bus 1 a.m. Last Bus
    • Sunday: 12 p.m. — First Bus 1 a.m. Last Bus
    • The parking lot will open one hour before the first bus and will close at 2 a.m. each day.
  • Street Parking: Red Mile is conveniently located a short walk from downtown Lexington. Railbird advises visiting sites like Park Wiz and Spot Hero to preview all of the street parking options.
  • Walk: Staying nearby? The Red Mile is at most a 30-minute walk from surrounding hotels.


Whether you are traveling from out of town or live in Lexington, consider FOX 56 as your guide to planning a seamless festival weekend.