RICHMOND, Ky. (FOX 56) — It’s now been over a year since a young woman was shot to death during a home invasion in Richmond.

With the suspect, Shannon Gilday, scheduled to appear in Madison County’s Circuit Court Friday, Wesley Morgan, Jordan Morgan’s father, openly shares what he and his family have been through since losing his daughter.

Morgan does not want the public to forget what an amazing life his daughter Jordan had, before, in his words, it was brutally ended when she was shot eleven times in her sleep.

On Thursday, Morgan went to visit his daughter’s grave at the Richmond Cemetery.

Morgan said he still texts his daughter as if she was going to text him back.


“I texted her ‘Happy Birthday’, ‘Happy Valentine’s Day’, and then I texted her on the 22 when it was the year they took her from me.”

Morgan said the past year has been devastating.

“We haven’t even stayed in that house since the night he killed Jordan and shot us,” Morgan said.

Robbed of a home he spent a lifetime building and a daughter he spent a lifetime raising, Morgan said he and his family are haunted by painful memories.

“I also have a 14-year-old daughter that was shot once. Sydney is so traumatized, I literally have to sleep on the couch,” Morgan said.

Morgan himself is even also living with physical scars.

“They removed some bullets, and I was shot twice in this arm.”

One year later, Morgan is frustrated that he and his family are still waiting for justice over Gilday’s case. Morgan recently filed an additional lawsuit against Gilday’s mother, Katie Gilday, to hold her accountable for her son’s actions.

“It’s cold-blooded calculated murder, and she never stood a chance,” Morgan said. “The only thing you can do with cold-blooded murder is put him to death.

Morgan said his daughter Jordan was brilliant, and a young lawyer with a promising future, who stood for something.

“She would get so upset at how they would just let people off, and how the courts are too lenient,” Morgan said.

Now, one year later after her murder, Morgan is still trying to uphold the values Jordan stood for.

“I will do everything in my power to do that,” Morgan said.

If there’s just one thing he could change, Morgan said it would be to take her place.

“I would do that in a heartbeat,” Morgan said.

To pay tribute to justice for Jordan Morgan, family and friends of Morgan will be gathering outside the Madison County Circuit Courthouse on Friday before Gilday’s court appearance at 10 a.m.