WILMORE, Ky. (FOX 56) — Not hours, but days. What started as a regularly scheduled Chapel in Kentucky turned into a multiday worship service getting attention from all over.

Asbury University has gotten a lot of attention for an ongoing worship service lasting more than 125 hours. The auditorium was filled not only with students and staff, but also visitors from different states even. Todd Rowell came from Mississippi. His daughter attends Asbury, and once he saw the service, he couldn’t resist getting involved.

“We ask God all time to speak to us and we want to listen, and I finally listened. I made it here last night. I was just amazed; I just had to sit down and take it in for a while. I was, pressed by the spirit to worship with everyone,” Rowell said.


Wilmore Mayor Harold Rainwater remembers past revivals from 1950 and 1970. The 1970 revival is also known for lasting for days, and Rainwater is thrilled to see the heart of worship return again, especially since social media has made it much easier for word to spread.

“The power of social media makes this worldwide. I have a brother in Georgia, and a brother in Florida. Both called me this morning telling me that they talked about it in their churches yesterday. These things happen about every 20 years, but nothing quite of this size and scope and impact,” Rainwater said.

Asbury University President Dr. Kevin Brown said it happened because of the drive to worship shared by the Asbury community.

“There’s just been an incredible spirit among our students or staff or faculty, those who have visited here. There’s been sharing. There has been radical humility, generosity, honesty, confessing, and just a spirit of humility and gratitude,” Brown said.

Asbury University senior Alexandra Presta came back multiple times to relive the experience. She said this moment will stick with her long after the service ends, and she’ll remember this when worshipping in the future.

“Truly, I feel like there’s something different in my heart and the way I’m viewing it. The power of prayer has really spoken out to me doing this, like being able to be prayed over, but then also just getting the chance to pray for other people. It’s been incredible,” Presta said.