RICHMOND, Ky. (FOX 56) — A Richmond car wash was the location for a fundraiser aimed at helping victims break away from a messy past.

It was a symbolic way to bring awareness to human trafficking and the efforts to wipe it out. One of the leaders in the fight does it in honor of her daughter, who was killed in a 2022 home invasion.

Redeeming Hope used a car wash to shine attention on a subject not often discussed: human trafficking in Kentucky.

“So now we’re raising the money to build the house for them. A lot of people don’t realize that Kentucky ranked number nine in the nation in 2019 for human trafficking,” Lisa Foster, president of Redeeming Hope, said.

Foster washes away the pain of losing her daughter by carrying on her passion for helping others.

“My daughter, Jordan Morgan, was murdered a little over a year and a half ago,” Foster said. “So, in my prayer closet, I tell God, if he was going to make me live, he was going to have to give me something to do for him until I could come to heaven.”

The organization wants to provide freedom, hope, and redemption to help girls as young as 14 who have been trafficked and sexually abused.

“And I stress the word home. It’s not a facility or a prison-type place, but we’re trying to make a home that these girls can be loved and have a family like they should have already had,” Foster said.


And it’s not just about building a home; it’s about giving young women a clean start.

“Because of all the trauma, the layers of trauma that the girls have endured, we’ve got to make sure that the proper staff that will meet the needs of these young ladies,” Linda Blackburn, a board member, said.

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