LEXINGTON, Ky. (FOX 56) — Here in Kentucky one of President Jimmy Carter’s most recognizable causes is his decades of work for Habitat for Humanity. A Madison County homeowner whose house contains nails hammered in by the former president.

“He did not mind picking up a hammer and a piece of wood and a nail and working with it,” homeowner,” Rossetta Trammel said.

In 1997, President Jimmy Carter went hammering in the hills in Madison County.

“This man had a lot of heart it was just like a regular you and me and them,” Trammel said.


Not many people can say a president helped build their house but this woman can. Trammel’s house is one of three in this neighborhood the president had a hand in building. That summer the Carter Work Project built more than 50 homes in eastern Kentucky and Tennessee.

“And there’s nothing wrong with the house. After all these years, the sides are still. Everything from helping to do the walls, to the floors, to the doors.,” Trammel said.

“He did not act like he was the president of the United States, He was just one of the people. He act like he lived around the corner,” Trammel said.

Rosetta never gets tired of looking through her keepsake book and remembering the man who helped put a roof over her head.

“The biggest thing he said is written right here. God’s love and action.”  “It was built from the heart, from a man who actually didn’t have to set foot toward habitat,” Trammel said.

She’s knowing there will be many special tributes to the former president. But none will be more beautiful to her than the four walls she calls home every day.