RICHMOND, Ky. (FOX 56) — The man accused of killing Jordan Morgan and breaking into her and her family’s home will stay in solitary confinement – and behind bars.

Court officials tell FOX 56 that Shannon Giday appeared in circuit court on Friday morning. The home invasion from last year stemmed around a bunker that Gilday wished to acquire and live in in the multi-million dollar home in Madison County.

Judge Cole Adams Maier said that there was no evidence to change Gilday’s charges or lessen his strict confinement. He will also not be allowed in-person visitation with his family.


Maier attested that the court would need documentation of Gilday’s alleged mental instability to approve of the defense’s motions.

Gilday’s defense told the court that his housing in solitary confinement at the Madison County Detention Center was contributing to a rapidly deteriorating mental and that Gilday said that he was speaking to simulations.

Following an evaluation with KCPC, Gilday will appear before a judge again on March 17 for a pre-trial meeting.