JUNCTION CITY, Ky. (FOX 56) – The Junction City Fire Department is hoping to stop bullying starting with schools in Boyle County.

Firefighters said after incidents in their own community and now the tragedy in Texas, the department is hoping to change lives, one student at a time.

It is called “Firefighters Against Bullies.” The program was started in Pennsylvania by a group of firefighters hoping to draw awareness to schools and to build an anti-bullying program.

Abigail Thomas is one of the Junction City firefighters hoping to make a change. The 19-year-old attended school in Boyle County and said resources to prevent bullying were hard to come by growing up.

Thomas said, “I know we had counselors and teachers and they always said come to them if there is ever an issue but as a kid that’s hard because you often have the fear that going to them will make the situation worse.”

The program will teach Boyle County students how to properly respond to bullies and how to prevent becoming one themselves.

The department said the program will use mentoring and interactions like lunch dates and school assemblies to raise awareness and demote bullies.

The department is currently in talks with schools around the district and guidance counselors to see how to best implement the program. They are hoping to kick things off at the start of the upcoming school year.