LEXINGTON, Ky. (FOX 56) — Lexington could see an expansion of Sunday alcohol sales if some bar and restaurant owners get their way.

Right now, Sunday alcohol sales in Lexington can’t begin until 11 a.m., but there’s a move to open the taps sooner.

Councilmember Dave Sevigny is among those looking to simplify the city’s liquor ordinance and make sales hours the same every day.


“If you look at restaurants in particular, I mean, they’re much more profitable the more alcohol they can sell. I mean, that’s their high-margin item,” Councilmember Sevigny said.

Right now, Sunday alcohol sales in Lexington can’t begin until 11 A.M. but there’s a move to open the taps sooner (Vasi Prokos, FOX 56)

Six days a week, alcohol can be sold from 6 a.m. to 2:30 a.m. Last week, two urban county council members voted against adding five extra hours to sales on Sunday to match those other days. They said the system works fine as it is.

“I think it’s the economic development piece that is what kind of spurring this on, and then there’s the equity piece; let’s treat every day the same,” councilmember Sevigny said.

Councilmember Sevigny said Sunday mornings are a time when many tourists are in town.

“One of the things that our tourism revolves around is bourbon. So we can’t deny that it’s part of our history and our heritage, and by opening up that window a little bit on Sunday mornings, it probably would just that it’s just going to help further the tourist experience here in Lexington,” councilmember Sevigny said.

The owner of Old North Bar said more serving hours mean more chances for revenue.

Old North Owner Wes Hogan said, “I think expanded alcohol sales can only help to have a bit more consistent hours, which makes that messaging a bit easier for our customers to understand when they can and can’t patronize it as our business. I think it also opens an opportunity for additional revenue, and I think it really helps support the local bar scene, and restaurant scene.”

Hogan said if the hours are extended, he will open his bar earlier.

“We do a brunch service every Sunday as well here at Old North, and I think having expanded alcohol sales for some bloody marys and mimosas a bit before 11 can only help that and provide a bit more robust customer experience,” Hogan said. “I think having something that makes Lexington a bit more progressive city can only help to support our tourism business here. You know, we’re known for horses and bourbon. That’s a great hook, but it’s fantastic to have other really unique, local, authentic experiences to offer visitors from both inside Kentucky and outside Kentucky.”

The next step is for the ordinance to be discussed by the city’s social services and public safety committee on Nov. 14.