RICHMOND, Ky. (FOX 56) — On Monday, hundreds of the late Coach Roy Kidd’s loved ones paid their respects and said their goodbyes to Eastern Kentucky University’s most beloved football coach.

The university also lowered its flags to half-staff in Coach Kidd’s honor.

Marc Kidd, one of Coach Kidd’s sons, spoke on his family’s behalf at his father’s funeral. Kidd said his dad was ‘A bridge across the generations of EKU’, that he never saw color among his players, only talent, and that he made high school football a big deal in the town of Richmond.


“My dad was a Kentuckian,” Kidd said. “He grew up in Corbin. He loved the state. He loved the people of the state. And this community supported him and helped him become the coach that he is. He was so proud of it, and for him, it was really, truly a matter of pride. And that’s what he would talk about all the time.”

Kidd said his mother, Sue, is in good spirits and was able to say goodbye to her husband during hospice.

“My mom’s doing well,” Kidd said. “This is hard for her. She and Dad were sweethearts. I mean, they loved each other, and they were partners. She was a majorette and head coach, and he was a coach. And they had a real partnership.”

Others also spoke at Coach Kidd’s funeral.

EKU football coach Walt Wells called Kidd ‘the greatest colonel ever.”

Pastor Bill For of First Baptist Church in Richmond closed the funeral, saying that Monday was not a farewell but more along the lines of ‘Until we meet again.”

Coach Kidd was taken to Richmond Cemetery after the funeral.